Therapeutic anxiety

People lead stressful lives. We are surrounded by stress inducing factors whether at work, at college, at home or in our relationships. Positive events in our life can also be stressful. Getting married, starting a new job or moving overseas may all be positive events, but they can be associated with intense stress. For a lot of people change of itself can be challenging.

There, sadly, seems to be a taboo around people admitting to feeling stressed. This can result in stress building up and leading to a feeling of low mood and physical issues. It really does not have to be like that - there are ways of looking to deal with these things before a stressful situation becomes a longer-term problem.

It may be that you do not want to admit to friends, colleagues or family that things are difficult for you and that you may not be coping well. You may be the one that feels that you have to keep things together whilst others that depend on you fall apart. At times like that you can turn to a psychotherapist and counsellor to explore things in a completely open and non-judgemental manner.

There may be a perception that people only see psychotherapists and counsellors when they have a mental issue. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dealing with things at an early stage can help to resolve things before they lead to a personal crisis.

Seeing a psychotherapist and counsellor is not an ordeal or anything extraordinary. We are normal professional people available to you to talk things through in a calm, considered and safe environment.

Please open this video link to have an ideal of how a therapy session may be.