Therapeutic anxiety

People lead stressful lives. We are surrounded by stress inducing factors whether at work, at college, at home or in our relationships. Positive events in our life can also be stressful. Getting married, starting a new job or moving overseas may all be positive events, but they can be associated with intense stress. For a […]

Top ten tips to help reduce stress

Stress is one of the most difficult things to deal with as it a real issue for many people in their everyday lives. Some stress can be helpful and necessary as it enables the body to be ready to deal with challenges and tasks, but when it is excessive and or not released it can […]

Psychotherapy only when in crisis?

There is a common myth or feeling that people need to see counsellors or psychotherapists when they are at a crisis point in their lives, whether this be the result of a relationship breakdown, redundancy, the loss of a loved one or for any other stress caused issue. It may be the case that some […]

Health and wellbeing – a holistic view

It is becoming more widely accepted that for a person to be able to be at his or her optimum, all parts of the being need to be nurtured. Seeing a doctor to help to alleviate back pain may well bring some pain relief, but if the pain is due to an unresolved emotional issue, […]

Online Counselling and Psychotherapy

I offer counselling and psychotherapy online through FaceTime or Skype (video link), by appointment, so you are able to work with me wherever you are based and whatever your circumstances. This gives you absolute flexibility to have counselling and psychotherapy in your home, when you are on holiday or away on business. This means no […]

Can talking therapy help abuse survivors?

Click here to read my published article which discusses Talk Therapy as a healing process in abuse survival.